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From Plant To Pharmaceutical Industry?

EVER since his announcement of finding a potential anti-prostate cancer drug, prominent local scientist Dr Henry Lowe has had his fair share of critics. However, Dr Lowe remains optimistic that his childhood fascination with the humble Jamaican plant, ball moss, could spell the beginnings of a local pharmaceutical industry.Watch in this exclusive video as Dr Lowe explains his first contact with the plant and his plans for the future. Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/VIDEO–From-plant-to-pharmaceutical-industry_8251321#ixzz24JM3V1cs

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Jamaicas Cancer Breakthrough

Dear Editor, I’ve been following the ongoing dialogue between Dr Henry Lowe and Dr William Aiken with much interest. The Jamaica Urological Society urged caution. Correctly so. Prostate cancer, a deadly disease, is of high prevalence in Jamaica. Ironically, if one were to read the details of the responses, there really isn’t much disagreement. The real problem arose from the sensational headline your paper used to report the launch of Dr Lowe’s Biomed R and D facility, and the announcement of his new product, Alpha Prostate Formula, developed from years of studying the local ball moss plant which appears to contain anti-cancerous properties. The headline “Jamaican scientist makes prostate cancer

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We Cant Tell Everything

The Editor, Sir: The following letter was submitted by Dr Henry Lowe, executive chairman of the Environmental Health Foundation, on behalf of Dr Joseph Bryant, in response to Professor William Aiken’s article in the Gleaner of December 7. Dear Sir: This is a response to the article in The Gleaner published on Tuesday, December 7, titled ‘Prostate cancer breakthrough: Overstated and premature’. As a scientist who works with Dr Lowe and other scientists in the field of oncology on the development of drugs to fight cancer, I wish to state that the research that we have done in the laboratory, in collaboration with the University of Maryland’s Medical School, is

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Making The Most of Dr Henry Lowe’s Achievements

We are, naturally, encouraged by the achievements of Dr Henry Lowe who last week announced that he and his research partners have reached the final stages in the development of a formula that can reduce and eliminate prostate cancer. Of equal importance, though, is Dr Lowe’s establishment of the Bio-Tech Research and Development Institute which brings together the University of the West Indies, University of Technology, Northern Caribbean University and the Scientific Research Council — Jamaica’s four leading research institutions — in order to develop pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals from indigenous Jamaican plants. That Dr Lowe and his partners saw it fit to issue the four institutions with 2.5 per cent

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Scientist Launches New Bio-Tech Institute

Lowe To Grow J$25M Investment in Plant Medicine & Research Several investors led by well-known Jamaican scientist, Dr Henry Lowe, have launched a new business with the hope of turning an initial J$25-million investment into an investment over time of more than J$100 million to develop and market medicines and other health products from local Jamaican plants. The goal for them is a healthy slice of a multi-billion dollar global nutraceuticals industry. The new Bio-Tech R&D Institute Limited was launched Thursday night and will operate from the University of the West Indies. The institute, the people behind it said, will focus on the development and commercialisation of pharmaceuticals from various

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Jamaican Scientist Makes Prostate Cancer Breakthrough

Dr Henry Lowe unveils formula that can eliminate deadly disease JAMAICAN scientist Dr Henry Lowe last night threw a lifeline to men worldwide when he announced that he had developed a formula that can reduce and eliminate prostate cancer, the number one cause of cancer deaths among males. “I am pleased to announce that we have reached the final stages in the development of the Alpha Prostate Formula, which will be on the market in the next three months under the Eden Gardens brand,” Dr Lowe told guests at the launch of Bio-Tech R&D Institute at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston.   Lowe, executive chairman of Environmental Health Foundation

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Cancer Drug Near

J’can Scientist Henry Lowe Takes Another Step on Road to Cure CELEBRATED Jamaican scientist Dr Henry Lowe will this evening announce the launch of a research and development institute, which will develop pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals from indigenous Jamaican plants. At the same time Dr Lowe, who gained world attention with his discovery of cancer drugs from a Jamaican plant, will announce the development of a cancer drug that will be locally produced, first as a nutraceutical which should be ready for the local and international markets early next year.   Yesterday, an upbeat Dr Lowe opted not to reveal too much ahead of this evening’s launch. “The idea is that

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