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About Us

E.G. Wellness Brands Limited (EGWB) is a privately held, for profit, Limited Liability Company incorporated on October 24, 2014 by Dr Henry Lowe, its Founder and Executive Chairman. The Company’s primary mandate is to create value through the production and commercialization of nutraceuticals, functional foods, cosmeceuticals, ethical drugs and related goods and services. To achieve this mandate, EGWB outsources research and development of health and wellness products from plant materials, especially those indigenous to Jamaica. EGWB operates in the manufacturing sector and was formed from the first Nutraceutical Industry in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. Vision To provide access to a wide range of wellness products and solutions to supplement a healthier populace locally, regionally and internationally for wealth creation. Mission To create value for consumers and shareholders by providing scientifically innovative health & wellness solutions to enhance the quality of people’s lives. The Eden Garden Nutraceuticals line started in December 2010 with Bio-Tech R&D Institute whose focus was primarily on product research and development. This led to the development of eight (8) nutraceutical supplements and eight (8) Wellness teas. Operations has expanded and diversified; spanning the areas of food processing and distribution, consequently resulting in wide scale distribution and export of its line of Nutraceuticals, Wellness Teas and the development of a porridge line. In 2014, Bio-Tech was restructured and will now see E.G. Wellness Brands taking over all manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the Eden Garden Nutraceuticals and other newly developed products lines. The new organizational changes will see Bio-Tech R&D Institute’s core function reverting to scientific research and product development, which will allow both companies to operate more efficiently and transparently in order to take full advantage of its core competencies.

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