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Chairmans Welcome

Dr. Henry Lowe

Welcome to the E. G. Wellness Brands Limited website. Our Company’s primary mandate is to create value through the production and commercialization of nutraceuticals, functional foods, cosmeceuticals, ethical drugs and related goods and services.

Please explore our site to learn more about our scientifically researched supplements, functional foods and wellness teas.

EGWB outsources research and development of health and wellness products from plant materials, especially those indigenous to Jamaica to Bio-Tech R&D Institute.

Bio-Tech R&D Institute applies basic biotechnology techniques as well as cutting edge technologies, where appropriate, to produce nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, teas, and fragrances.

Bio-Tech R&D Institute is committed to the continued training of young scientists; and the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities will form part of our service offerings, thus fulfilling our commitments to develop local scientists and fueling the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit for economic and social development.

Through our network of partners, including major institutions involved in R&D in science and technology, Bio-Tech R&D Institute strives to leverage the human capital of the global scientific arena and translate this expertise, as far as possible, to local scientists and entrepreneurs for future product development and wealth creation.

Since December 2007, when the first announcement was made about the discovery of three (3) indigenous plants of Jamaica, which could provide major anti-cancer products, our research has continued unabated and has entered a very exciting phase, where we are poised to begin Stage I Clinical Trials on two (2) anti-cancer products from one plant (the Ball Moss).

The isolation and identification of bioactive principles from the other two plants, as well as the synthesis of derivatives of some of these bioactive molecules, which have demonstrated significant bioactivity, is on-going.

Cancer and Diabetes represents two of the major chronic disease challenges, and so much of the work will be focused on these in the near term.

We are particularly proud to be spearheading the establishment of a major, new nutraceutical industry in Jamaica and the Caribbean. This development will bring significant benefits to the people of Jamaica in many forms.

At our website you can discover so much more about our company, our products and other activities as well as our vision for the future. I invite you to click and navigate our site and provide us with any questions or suggestions you may have. Remember to invite a friend to log on any time, as we commit to provide you with relevant, updated information and developments, in keeping with our Corporate Philosophy to promote transparent information dissemination on our products and operations at all times!

Professor Henry Lowe

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