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E. G. Wellness Brands Wellness Teas will be distributed by World Brands Services Limited

A cup of tea for your soul – Jamaica Gleaner


Eden Garden is proving to be a well-rounded wellness centre with the official launch of its Eden Gardens Nutraceuticals Wellness Tea.

They are living up to their slogan – ‘Supplementing a Healthier you’ – with eight herbal teas. The line includes Bissy (kola nut), Guinea Hen Weed and Cinnamon; Guinea Hen Weed and Ball Moss; Guinea Hen Weed; Lemon Grass and Ball Moss; Moringa and Cinnamon; Soursop and Ginger; and last but by no means least, Cerasee and Ginger tea. All teas will be distributed by World Brand Service.

In his brief greeting, the man behind the teas, Executive Chairman of Eden Gardens Wellness Brands Limited Dr Henry Lowe, gave a brief outline of some of the health benefits of the herbs used to make the teas like the Guinea hen weed, which is a ‘virus destroyer’; and Bissy, which helps with certain kinds of poisoning. The intention is to put Jamaican teas on the international market.

This is why they thought that there was no better distributor than World Brands, which is a subsidiary of GK Foods and Services Limited. Jhanelle Francis, brand manager from World Brands, endorsed this.

Guest speaker minister Anthony Hylton, who already has a favourite, Moringa and Cinnamon, spoke fondly of the teas, commending Lowe for making home remedies in some households ready available on the market. This, he believes, can make a huge impact on our nutraceutical industry as well as global markets if the product upholds the standards set.

The teas were incorporated into the meal provided by Eden Gardens with soursop and ginger-glazed chicken and the lemon grass penne pasta. All guests were given the opportunity to sample a tea of choice and left with a box of assorted Eden Gardens Nutraceuticals Wellness Tea.

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