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Herbs, weeds and Wellness Teas



Herbs, weeds and Wellness Teas were the talk of the night as Eden Gardens Nutraceuticals Wellness Brands and World Brands Services, a Division of Grace Kennedy Foods & Services Limited, launched its newest addition to its distribution portfolio, Eden Gardens Wellness Teas.
Eden Gardens Nutraceuticals under the Bio-Tech R&D Institute was developed in direct response to the need for the alternative, preventative and general health wellness products associated and dictated by the tastes and trends in the market place.

The room had an essence of green delight with a scent of herbal teas. Touches of earth toned green and gold accents were spread across the room from the tree of life displays on every table decorated creatively with Wellness Tea Bags, to the simple elegance of the leaf trims pronouncing the host’s podium.

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